Mini made a Pokémon concept car that you can hook up a game console to

Mini teamed up with Pokémon to develop a Pikachu-themed concept car that’s, fittingly, all-electric. The automaker showcased the car during the Gamescom Opening Night Live event, which lets you hook up your game console and project your gameplay from the front of the vehicle.

Mini used its Aceman concept for this collaboration, which it previously revealed in July. With the “Pokémon mode” that comes installed on this particular car, Pikachu takes over the vehicle’s main display when the vehicle’s turned on, while digital lightning bolts travel across the entire dashboard.

But the coolest part about this concept is that you can actually plug in your game console and then use the vehicle’s exterior projector to display your gameplay on whatever surface your car’s parked in front of. (Obviously, it would have to be dark enough for this to work, and you’d have to find a flat surface so the projection wouldn’t look warped.)

Mini didn’t offer any information on which type of game consoles the car would support or how adding controllers might work. It is just a concept, after all, but it would still be pretty impressive if Mini actually managed to include this feature in one of its future vehicles.